BUSTED PIPE: Measures to take while waiting for a plumber to arrive

Mitigating Measures to take when faced with a busted pipe

Flooded Basement

What to do while waiting for the plumber to arrive. (Photo Credits)

Although a plumber is in the best position to deal with a busted pipe problem, a homeowner should still at least be aware of what he or she can do with a busted pipe while waiting for professional plumber to arrive.

Mitigating measures could help ensure the safety of the whole family when pipe bursts occur.

The website BBB Northwest has this to say.

“Frozen pipes can pose a large problem, but burst pipes are generally worse. If you find a burst pipe in your home, turn off the water at the valve immediately. In this scenario, a professional plumber is essential; do not try to find the break and repair it yourself. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage against water damage, and do what you can to take care of the water from the burst pipe. This may mean relocating any items with water damage, soaking up water in carpets and on the floor, and leaving doors and windows open where possible to speed up the drying process.”

Read the whole post here.

Electricity and Water

The Hadley Insurit Group also reminds homeowners that they should be aware of how to turn off their main water valve, as well as their main electrical switch to ensure the safety of the whole family while waiting for the plumber to arrive. A1Temecula Homepage  

“Every homeowner should know where the main water valve is. Find it and shut it off immediately! If necessary, you should also turn off electricity to the areas of your home where the flooding is occurring. If you are living in an apartment and do not have access to the building’s water supply or electric services, call your landlord or building manager as soon as you notice a problem.”

Check out the other guidelines here.

Checklist of Emergency Response

The website Policy Expert gave a checklist on what homeowners can do while waiting for the plumber.

“Call your insurer – Your home insurance provider will have an emergency helpline you can call. You need to tell them as soon as possible about any burst pipes if you think you might need to claim. They’ll be able to advise you on starting the claims process and how payment for repairs is going to be made. Record the damage – Record as much evidence as possible of the damage for use in an insurance claim. Photos are the best record you can make, but also make notes of the damage and the circumstances behind how it happened. Get the leak fixed – The majority of people aren’t qualified to do fix leaks themselves, so call a recommended plumber. Keep all receipts and details of work carried out.”

Get the whole checklist here.

Knowing what to do when faced with a busted pipe can help in ensuring the whole family’s safety and in minimizing the damages that could be caused by the damaged pipes.




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